Junko Tochigi, Game H-13-4

Houston We’ve Had a Problem

“Okay, Houston we’ve had a problem here.” “This is Houston. Say again please.” “Houston we’ve had a problem. We’ve had a main B bus undervolt.” This was communication by which the Apollo 13 crew reported a major technical fault in one of the electrical systems to the Space Center Houston. But who [...]
Edouard Pape

Without Risk One Cannot Become Immor-Tal

Knowledge? Intuition? Risk? Pt. 2 After chess knowledge and intuition in the Pt. 1, let’s now take a look at what risk has to do in defining style? Life is double-edged. To succeed in it, one has to learn to take calculated risks and accept that as a normal aspect of life. One has to take chances — [...]
Alexei Yezhov, Igra

Elements of Success in Chess

Knowledge? Intuition? Risk? Today we follow up on elements of chess playing style discussed last time. As we all well know, every chess player should be equipped with two weapons in his arsenal; he must (a) calculate variations, and (b) evaluate positions. Combinations in chess are result of [...]
Tal by I. Sokolov

What’s Magnus Carlsen’s Playing Style Like?

Elements of style From art and literature to design and fashion the question of what constitutes style has been debated for centuries. Likewise, long since the days of early chess champions we have argued about their playing styles. We use the word style freely without giving it much thought. But [...]
Robert Kraus, Jan 21, 1961, The New Yorker collection

The New Yorker Chess Cartoons

Since its debut in 1925, week after week, The New Yorker magazine keeps you current with its groundbreaking reporting, surprising opinions, sharp wit, the best in prose and visual arts. It is a fertile source of your creative inspiration. “The writing is mostly first-rate, frequently coming from [...]
Sergey Kuznetsov, Unfulfilled

Simagin’s “Curved Rifle” Playing Style

We are continuing on paying tribute to GM Vladimir Simagin, a startlingly original chess mind, who was avidly seeking and striving for new creative ideas all the time. Simagin won the 1947 Moscow championship ahead of Bronstein, who later wrote in his 200 Open Games, “Simagin demonstrated an [...]
Simagin, by I. Sokolov

Vladimir Simagin. A Chess Artist

Every field of human endeavor has its heroes and legends. Some of them are praised a lot and gotten kind of cult status, like the World champions and the highest-teer members. But sadly, many other great minds have simply been forgotten. In chess, one of them is GM Vladimir Simagin. Simagin [...]

Absurdity of Michael Cheval

We must constantly fight against a monster which devours everything: routine. ― Honoré de Balzac Habits and routine may contribute to our success, but they also have an unbelievable power to waste and destroy. As long as they dictate the patterns of how we live, the way how we make decisions, the [...]
Cheval, Wake up call in wonderland

Imagination against the Obvious

What is more important, logic and the obvious, or imagination? Which of the two gives us more fun? To answer this question, let us have a look at our latest positionally tactical puzzle. This time, it features an endgame, from Ehrlacher-Metzger, 1992. Endgames show strength and limitations of [...]

How to Make Your Next Move. A Really Good One

Our games Everyone’s playing. The thing is not everyone knows they’re playing – even after they have made a move. Games are like simplified versions of everyday life. While it is hard to grasp the meaning of life, games bring meaning out of chaos. Games have rules and structure and create order. As [...]
Vojo Stanic 10

From Small Things, Mama, Big Things One Day Come

Bruce Springsteen? No, Jose Raul Capablanca! Petite combinaisons were Capa’s big business How is the outcome of a chess game decided? Normally, you build up your game positionally until your opponent is unable to meet a tactical threat. In other words, the game is played on positional lines, but [...]
Marina Korenfeld, Eternal game

Here is How Chess Engines DON’T Think!

Actually, they don’t think, they are just number crunchers Our positionally tactical1 puzzle for the Dec. 1 week is Donner-Petrosian from the 1955 Gothenburg Interzonal. Below is position after 30…b5. Black actively plays on the Q-side to make advantage of his pawn majority there. White has to find [...]
Ravens, rook

Were Carlsen and Anand Too, Too, Too Much Boring?

Why is it most of us don’t even realize it? There’s an argument that this generation of men’s chess is boring and I think it’s a valid one. It’s not boring to see two great players like Anand and Carlsen compete in the World Chess Championship match. What is getting mundane is watching the same [...]

Finden Sie die Lösung!

Find the solution to this difficult chess problem Several Grandmasters haven’t been able to, actually. “In an Italian tournament back in 1990s, an International Chess Master couldn’t find the win at the board in this position: IM Srdjan Sale of Croatia showed IM Gerard Welling the position, who [...]
C64 Grandmaster chess, alternative Box cover

King Magnus, We the Humble Subjects of the Chess Kingdom are at Your Mercy

Please give us some more chess, true chess! It’s a great time for the newly crowned chess monarch and it may also be coming better times for chess. I say maybe, because something got to change in the way the new crown head and his royalty at the top are acting. To be honest, the new sovereign got [...]
Miro Radojcic

Who is 2165 Rated Guy Who Scored Undefeated 9.5-2.5 Coming in Second After Benkő at the 1964 US Open?

Dissidents play chess Christmas Eve 1984. A group of like-minded people got together in Villa Dragoslava of Drs. Velimir and Petar Simić at Banovo Brdo, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, a meeting place of the anti-communist opposition in the 70s and 80s. Who are these people? We all recognize Viktor the [...]
Farit, A hanging pause, Повисшая пауза

2013 World Chess Championship: But I Tried, Didn’t I? At Least I Did That!

Anand-Carlsen 0-1 in One-Game Match Anand did try hard, to be honest (like Mc Murphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest did). In just one single game of the match though (and perhaps the most uneventful one in the history of World chess championships) which elicited the bored and tired chess public [...]
Victor Bregeda 1963

How to Make it Big in Small Packages

Going Tactically-Positional, or Positionally-Tactical? Our intention with Test Your Positional Skills Tactically! puzzle published here every Sunday is to increase and sharpen your strategic understanding from the games of the Greats. To make this a pleasurable experience for you, we asked them to [...]
Boris Leonov 1990

2013 World Chess Championship: Little Deadly Trap in a Rook Endgame

Anand-Carlsen 0-1 in Game Six Not only a pawn got promoted, but Carlsen himself as the new King as well, comments www.chess-news.ru after the game six. The challenger scored another win and took 4-2 lead in the 12-game series. There seems to be no much hope left for the still-reigning champion in [...]
Anand-Carlsen 2013-11-15

2013 World Chess Championship: An Unnecessary Check Cost Anand the Loss!

Carlsen-Anand 1-0 in Game Five Finally we are tingling with some excitement in this match that got started off so terribly. Here is the fatal mistake that cost Anand the first loss in the match. At the after game press conference Anand pointed at 34…Rd4 as losing the game. Yet, looks like it wasn’t [...]

Anand-Carlsen 2013 World Chess Championship: A New Light Upon Darkness?

What have we got so far? One of the most keenly anticipated chess events in decades and the most-watched chess match in history is under way. Magnus Carlsen, a young prodigy, the Justin Bieber of chess, “aspiring to cement his status as the game’s biggest star since Bobby Fischer” (The Washington [...]
Damilola Odusote Chess Design

Chess is Dead. Long Live Chess!

Death of The Royal Game Well, couldn’t help supporting the post published earlier in the day – visually. I know you all will agree, it is all about good vision, at the board and elsewhere! “A success story verging on the mythological, Damilola was born to Nigerian parents, and fostered by a [...]
Mariana Palova, Moon Tales 2012 2013 The Hidden Culture

Anand-Carlsen 2013 World Chess Championship: What’s the Deal?

What’s up with chess? Watching Live the Anand-Carlsen with the commentary provided by Zsuzsa Polgar and GM Ramesh. He’s the guy who famously said, after the terrible start of the Anand-Carlsen match, “They are inside arena to win the title and not to entertain the spectators.” “For them the end [...]
Margo Selski

Anand-Carlsen 2013 World Chess Championship: Pansies?

Who stole my chesse? Admittedly, we all are very disappointed with Anand and Carlsen’s performance so far, two quick 16+25-move bloodless games. And how many moves out of forty-one played were actually conceived at the board? A few perhaps? “You may watch an interesting theatrical performance, or [...]
Michael Cheval, Knight offer

Beware of Tal the Strategist Bearing Gifts!

As you may have noticed, we decided to be presenting one positionally-tactical puzzle from the games of the Greats every Sunday for you to study over the week that follows. Last Sunday it was the position from the sixth game of the 1965 Tal – Larsen Candidates semifinal match in Bled, (then) [...]
Mariam Mansour UAE

These Chess Players are not Only Hotter than You, They are Smarter, Too

Definitely the best collection of chess beauties ever seen People who do not play chess may have a distorted view about it. They may think it is a game for those who are nerds, unattractive and socially awkward. But think again, take a look at the chess players below, and judge for yourself! This [...]
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