You want to become a better competitor? a more creative person? a better manager? a better strategist? The field for improvement may vary, but the road to it may well run through the same place.

Improving brain interior design

Your life success is the direct result of what and how you think. The thought processes running incessantly in your brain are responsible for everything you manifest throughout life. So if you want to increase your success rate, the first place to start is to improve your mind. You need to redesign your brain. You have some rewiring to do.

Better brain design helps you reach your peaks

Modern Design for Your Brain

This is possible due to brain plasticity as evidenced by neurocognitive science. Mental training may change brain function, as well as its size and capacity by growing new brain cells and connecting them with the existing brain structure. Even at a late age.

You are how you use and evolve your brain.

Now the question is, how you may change your brain? In school they don’t teach you how to think and how to design your mind for a great brain. What they do instead is cramming young heads with information and testing their recall.

As you strive to reshape your brain and become more effective and creative in your life, you need to tap into all those elements of mind that come into play: analysis, memory, intuition, creativity, fantasy, desire for results, goal-oriented thinking, etc.

What design tool you need?

What may be an ideal laboratory for you to redesign your mind?

How about the world’s greatest game? (actually chess is a combination of ten games, as GM Miguel Najdorf once said.) With mental training chess may provide, you could redesign your brain and get to think more effectively to advance your personal and professional goals. Apply simple lifestyle changes, such as including brain exercises into your daily routine. Solve a chess puzzle while commuting every morning between home and work, for instance.

Chess can help improve cognitive function and brain efficiency. It may help you redesign internal processes whether you are in the boardroom, in the class room, or at the helm of a family business. The subject matter may be different, but the process can be very similar.

You may aspire to:

  • have a strong capacity to perceive and absorb information more effectively;
  • strengthen your working memory;
  • improve concentration;
  • encourage your intuitive thinking;
  • develop and maintain winning attitude;
  • make fewer mistakes;
  • increase the capability to predict and foresee consequences of actions;
  • be creative and imaginative;
  • learn how to think strategically.

Chess can help in all the above design activities, and many more.

Inner Architect

Life offers limitless opportunities. We are only held back by already formed patterns and established habits. Design your mind. Become an inner architect. Evolve your brain for a more satisfying life. Via chess, or some other vehicle of your choice. Find your own path to reach your peak, to improve your skills.

To conquer the highest levels, we should all become designers.

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