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For more than twelve years I have been a fan of the fantastic daily chess newsletter Chess Today.[1] It’s the baby of GM Alexander Baburin, a professional chess player, coach, journalist, author and publisher (he is also holding online auctions offering rare chess books and other chess collectibles to collectors around the world).

Alex is based in Dublin, Ireland. In 1993 he was offered to work there for a year and the Irish could not get rid of him ever since.

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Cover of GM Alex Baburin's bookI remember it vividly. The year was 1999, hard times, my country under the UN sanctions. In the middle of those nightmarish times Alex sent me a complimentary copy of his Winning Pawn Structures (Batsford 1998) with a dedication in both English (“to Momir Radovic with best wishes from author”) and Russian (“Момиру Радовичу на добрую память от автора”), dated 13 April 1999, Dublin.

Now you can imagine what it all meant to me in the tumultuous time of 1990s, the time of wars in the “Powder Keg of Europe”, abound in shortages and uncertainty of all kinds. One bright spot in a sea of gloom.

I have been also subscribed to the Chess Today since that time. To get the feeling of what CT really is, here is a sample issue, specially for the readers of my iPlayooChess blog, with the preliminary report Alex sent from the 40th 2012 Istanbul Olympiad (Chess Today CT-240).

Poster of 2012 Istanbul Chess Olympiad

1. CT is the first daily electronic chess newspaper online. It comes to you via e-mail, bringing chess fans around the world hot tournament news, chess stories and annotated games. Each issue comes in three formats: PDF (three to six pages), PGN and CBV. Typically it has one well commented game together with one or two tactical puzzles. There are also latest chess news (today it’s on the 2012 Istanbul Olympiad). Some issues also contain letters from the readers, interviews, book reviews and other instructional content.

Chess Today is a great publication, with a great informative, newsy and instructive value to its readers, well worth the modest fee.

Besides GM Baburin, the main contributors to CT are GMs Ruslan Scherbakov, Mikhail Golubev and IMs Vladimir Barsky, Maxim Notkin and Nikolai Vlassov.

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