Amazing chess quotes

What is chess for you?

Here are some people’s views:

  • The game of the Gods. Infinite possibilities. –Vladimir Nabokov
  • A matter of delicate judgment, knowing when to punch and how to duck. –Bobby Fischer
  • Chess really is a universal game that cuts across all of those artificial boundaries we set up to segregate ourselves from our fellow human beings. –Steve Lopez
French postcard from 1914 with Bisson's "A serious game"

A serious game, art by A.E.V. Bisson (on a French postcard from 1914)

  • A cold bath for the mind. –Sir John Simon
  • Like mathematics and music, it is a nursery for child prodigies. –Jamie Murphy
  • A storm against man. –Mikhail Tal
  • A great game. No matter how good one is, there is always somebody better. No matter how bad one is, there is always somebody worse. –I.A. Horowitz
  • Chess is not like life… it has rules! –Mark Pasternak
  • A combination of ten games. –Miguel Najdorf
  • A place where I’m going to enjoy myself. –John Cage
  • One of the noblest inventions of the human mind. –Cyril Edwin Mitchinson Joad
  • There is no other game so esteemed, so profound and so venerable as chess; in the realm of play it stands alone in dignity. –Ely Culbertson
  • It is too difficult to be a game, and not serious enough to be a science or an art. –Napoleon
  • The movement of pieces eating each other. –Marcel Duchamp
Knight takes Rook, art by Elke Rehder

Knight takes Rook © Elke Rehder,

  • A good way to learn, to keep the brain fit and the ego in check, a mental form of your local gymnasium. Those who see chess merely as a means of self-proof make the game experience uncomfortable and drive many of the better, more sensitive brains to analysis, correspondence, problems, studies and the like. –Abelard
  • An international language. –Edward Lasker
  • A validation of stupidity. –Totalle Le Vezfleaux
  • The game that possesses a literature which in contents probably exceeds that of all other games combined. –H. J. R. Murray
  • A brutal game. –Danny King
  • A game of bad moves. –Andy Soltis
  • Chess is me. –Salvador Dali
  • A contest between two men in which there is considerable ego involvement. –Reuben Fine
  • A Sisyphus game to conquer the Olympus. –Vladimir Jovicevic Jov
  • I warne yow wel, it is no childes pley. –Geoffrey Chaucer
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