Marriage between art and chess

Betty Ollier-Lopez, aka MissBoll, is a French artist who has chosen a very different way to express her creativity – through chess. She has over time become a “chess painter,” the name coming from a marriage between her desire to paint and her immersion in the world of chess.

She has Serbo-Croatian and Spanish origins, Greece and Portugal in the heart and thousand of projects and thousand of voyages in her mind.

Betty is very interested in the history of chess and all the images associated with it, in her own words, always on a pictorial journey through time and on earth, from Persia to Lewis islands … Her painting is directly influenced by what she is and what she loves, the Byzantine and Italian Renaissance painting are a small part of the list…

MissBoll has exhibited her works since 2005. Originally from Paris, she now lives in Clermont-Ferrand. Actually she is constantly on the go between many chess Opens and Championships, which is allowing her to stay in touch with the chess community.

You need a poster for your next tournament? Perhaps MissBoll is the right person to find.

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