Definitely the best collection of chess beauties ever seen

People who do not play chess may have a distorted view about it. They may think it is a game for those who are nerds, unattractive and socially awkward. But think again, take a look at the chess players below, and judge for yourself!

This concept of beauty in chess is something that is almost impossible to explain to a non-player. The beauty may reside in the harmonious interaction of pieces, the unexpectedness of a move, or the thrill of sacrificing one’s most powerful piece to force a win. For the French artist Marcel Duchamp beautiful things in chess lie in the domain of movement, or the imaging of possible hidden variations and movements in a chess player’s mind, but not played over the board.

Chess is more beautiful than ever

Whatever beauty in chess may be for you, images of possible moves, or images of beautiful chess players below, chess has become more attractive than ever.

One last thing. Can beautiful female chess players be a distraction when playing a male opponent? “No,” one of our beauties today, Maria Manakova puts it, “I don’t need to distract my opponent or do something. I can do it after the game if I want. During the game I just want to play good chess.”

Good chess. Beautiful chess.

And you may want to wait till after the game and be prepared to ask for an autograph and have a snap taken with her. But don’t try talking with her. And don’t do all this if you’re playing in the same tournament. Why? Read on.

[Caveat: A 2009 study found that when men interact with an attractive woman, they may become “cognitively impaired.” Further, the study also found that the mere thought of talking to a pretty girl increases a man’s likelihood of saying something really, really stupid.]

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