Since its debut in 1925, week after week, The New Yorker magazine keeps you current with its groundbreaking reporting, surprising opinions, sharp wit, the best in prose and visual arts. It is a fertile source of your creative inspiration.

“The writing is mostly first-rate, frequently coming from top literary and journalistic talents. The New Yorker’s weekly issues can seem overwhelming–so much good stuff to read, piling up so fast!–but it’s as easy to dip in for a small snack as it is to wade in for a substantial meal.” –N. Allison.

Having won 53 National Magazine Awards it is the most-honored magazine in publishing history.

Beyond the weekly print edition, The New Yorker is also offering the web, mobile, tablet, and social media content.

The first thing most readers turn to when they get their hands on a new issue is The New Yorker CARTOONS with Bob Mankoff as the cartoon editor for 30 years now. He receives thousands of submissions each week, many of them having been submitted years before acceptance. Almost 80,000 cartoons have been published in the magazine during 80 years.

For just $1 an issue by subscription, you can get a lot of pleasure from the great magazine content, plus 17 or so cartoons every week.

Today, you can find here the Jan 21, 1961 cover of The New Yorker and some of its best chess cartoons to savor. Enjoy.

Robert Kraus, Jan 21, 1961, The New Yorker collection

Jack Ziegler

Edward Frascino, The New Yorker Collection

Jack Ziegler

Ed Fisher, Backgammon

Mischa Richter

W. B. Park, The New Yorker collection

Christopher Weyant, The New Yorker Collection

Mick Stevens, The New Yorker

Eldon Dedini, The New Yorker Collection

Robert Mankoff, The New Yorker Collection

Mick Stevens, Annals of chess

Gahan Wilson, The New Yorker Collection

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