Is technology making us all autistic?

Technology, by all rights, should have so far killed old-fashioned board games that cannot match eye-popping graphics of today’s action-packed video games. Yet, the opposite has happened with low-tech tabletop games, including chess, continuing to grow. Why is that?

Obviously, humans have some deep-rooted needs that video games cannot meet.

Over-dependence on video games and use of smart devices may lead to social isolation. On the other hand, board games are the right response to our hunger for face-to-face contact and human and family bonding. You know how being together with your grandkids may be addictive!

Put your “smart” devices away for a while

Among other convincing reasons we all should learn to play chess, here is a very simple, but powerful one, the family should have a way to play together.

A family game night can be a great way to get closer to the ones you love most.

Agatha Belaya, 2009, watercolor

Chess, art Agatha Belaya, 2009

So why don’t you learn to play chess with your kids?

There is a better way for you to learn together.


At Merchant’s Walk Whole Foods Community Room, 1311 Johnson Ferry Road, NE, Suite 580, Marietta, GA, 30068.


This coming Summer, starting Thursday, June 12, from 07:00 to 08:15 pm.

With whom?

All those of you who want to spend some quality time with your (grand)kids and coach Momir of iPlayoochess and Marietta Chess Beginner’s Corner (

* * *

Rejoice with your children in the beautiful land of chess!

* * *

While the primary goal of East Cobb Summer Chess fun (and free) event will be to present ABCs of chess to beginners, children, established players and their parents are also welcome to join and learn a trick or two! Please bring your sets.

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