Artificial intelligence has shown itself as a disruptive force in a growing number of fields and professions. Chess is an obvious example with chess engines changing the way we approach the game.

The intriguing question is, will one day machines become so powerful that they would think just like humans? At least that is what Alan Turing, the intellectual father of the modern computer believed (Time, Dec 1, 2014).

In the last post we saw how chess was left to the machines and players who play like machines. In a way, it has been lost to humanity as a creative pursuit of imagination and fantasy, with, sadly, other products of the traditional magical thinking to follow.

Again, the central question is whether human intellect and traditional way of thinking will be able to free itself from automation? To be able to stay in control and use machines only as good servants, not our deciders.

To which Prof. Stephen Hawking, one of pre-eminent world scientists, gave his answer in a BBC article just few days after our post. Chess may be unimportant, but it seems to be clearly showing a disturbing trend.

Hawking is warning that artificial intelligence could end mankind…


Automatons by Almacan


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